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"How To Help Heal Your

  Wound & Skin Conditions

  Gently, Safely & Economically"

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  • All Natural, No Side Effects
  • Easy to Use
  • 100% No-Risk Guarantee
  • Cost Effective
  • Approved by Doctors at
    the American Podiatric Medical Association

Vet-Aid Natural Animal Wound Care and StopBite Protective Collar

Nasalzyme All Natural Sea Salt
Nasal Mist - Gentle, Natural

Use Nasalzyme for: Nasal Passage Irrigation / Allergy / Sinus / Cold / Flu

  • Formulas for the Entire Family
  • Safe to Use Everyday
  • Non Addicting
  • Sterile
  • Sea Salt
  • The Gentle Mist Actuator’s Unique Design Is Safe For Infants & Children
  • Specifically Shaped To Safely Fit Small Nasal Passages
              Gentle Formula

"Now My Top Choice For Treating Wounds of Any Sort"

Liane McGhee, Registered Nurse
Charlevoix, MI

"I’ve been nursing and have treated and cared for many skin conditions in the last 20 yrs. and am very impressed with your products. They are now my top choice for treating wounds of any sort. I have and will continue to highly recommend them to both professional medical personal and for home use."

"I Give This Oceanzyme Foam 5 Stars. Oceanzyme is GREAT!!"

Dee N.

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How Can a Single, All Natural Product Help Heal Such a Wide Variety of Wound and Skin Conditions?

  Read On.


Doctors Use Oceanzyme
On Serious, Chronic Wounds And Post Surgery

Podiatric doctors treat serious, limb-threatening, wounds on a daily basis.
An increasing number of podiatrists use Oceanzyme to help heal chronic wounds and other serious skin conditions.

Doctors have found Oceanzyme;

  • Effectively helps fight infection
  • Accelerates new tissue growth
  • Safe, with no side effects
  • Is well tolerated and soothing to patients
  • Can be very cost effective compared to other wound care treatments

Oceanzyme has received the coveted "Approved Product" designation from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), so its ability to help heal a wide variety of skin conditions has been tested by prominent podiatric doctors.

What Doctors Say About Oceanzyme

"Extremely Effective For A Wide Spectrum Of Wound Conditions"
Dr. Marc A Brenner, D.P.M., F.A.S.P.D "Compared To The Other Products

Oceanzyme Spray Has Produced A Safer And More Effective Healing Process."
Dr. Bernabe Vazquez M.D., F.A.C.S.

Doctors were provided samples of Oceanzyme for evaluation.



Moms Use Oceanzyme
For Everyday Rashes, Bites, Cuts & Scrapes
(It Also Helps Your Skin Look & Feel
Smoother And Younger, Naturally)

Moms use Oceanzyme for themselves and their families because it's all natural and safe, with no side effects. Oceanzyme helps heal a wide variety of skin conditions;
  • rashes
  • post surgery
  • burns
  • acne
  • infections
  • insect bites
  • scars
  • cuts/scrapes
  • poison ivy
  • blisters
  • athlete's foot
  • psoriasis
  • derma abrasions
  • bug bites
  • sun burns
  • shingles
  • psoriasis

Additionally, Oceanzyme feeds and nourishes your skin and helps it look and feel younger. The fact is that Oceanzyme is so versatile that a single bottle can help heal and soothe many different skin conditions as well as make your skin look and feel younger. Read this e-mail that we recently received;

What A Mom Says About Oceanzyme

Oceanzyme is really phenomenal.  I purchased it for one health issue and have since used it for other areas of concern - with great success!

I am so glad I heard about this product and I will make sure I always have some Oceanzyme in the house and with me when traveling.

MW, Asheville NC


How Can A Single, All Natural Product
Help Heal Such A Wide Variety Of Conditions
And Nourish Your Skin To Help It Look And Feel Younger?

The Answer: Oceanzyme's unique, patented, all natural formula works in harmony with your immune system to promote safe, soothing healing.

Oceanzyme contains two key ingredients; Lysozyme and Coral Reef Sea Salt.

Lysozyme is an antibacterial enzyme which occurs naturally in all human tears, saliva, mucus and milk. Lysozyme was discovered by the Nobel Prize winning Alexander Fleming, who also discovered Penicillin.

Lysozyme targets bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone. The good bacteria help accelerate the healing process.

Unrefined Coral Reef Sea Salt has over eighty trace elements and minerals, which are essential to cell regeneration, and creates an environment in which the Lysozyme can do its job most effectively.

Why Oceanzyme Is Different

Many wound and skin care products contain ingredients that kill all the bacteria they touch. Those products kill the bad bacteria but also kill the good bacteria that promote healing and new tissue growth. Killing the good bacteria can impede the healing process.

Oceanzyme leaves the beneficial bacteria, just like your body does, to speed
the healing process.

Additionally, many products contain oil, which prevents oxygen from reaching healthy, growing cells. Oceanzyme Spray & Foam allows the wound to breath, which is critical to the healing process.



See "Before And After" Pictures
(Caution - You May Find Some
Of These Images Disturbing)

For those with serious skin conditions, the results of using Ocean Aid under doctor supervision can be quite dramatic. We've prepared some pictures for you to examine (click on a link below to view the images). If Ocean Aid can get such results on difficult conditions, think of how it might work for on less serious, everyday conditions.



Doctors Use It.
But You Don't Need A Doctor To Experience
The Healing Power Of Oceanzyme.

You Don't Even Need To Be Human!

No prescription is necessary. Keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet, purse, boat, etc. and use as suggested in the included directions.

Oceanzyme is just as effective on mammals (your dog or cat, for example), and has been used to heal some very severe wounds on animals.

Step Away From Harsh & Questionable Drugs &
Experience The Natural Healing Power Of Oceanzyme

Oceanzyme has a rare combination of attributes;

  • Safe and all natural with no side effects; use in confidence on your family
  • Approved and used by physicians for even the most serious wounds
  • Works in harmony with your immune system to help heal and soothe your wound
  • Helps your skin to feel and look smoother and younger

If you have a skin condition that just doesn't want to go away, or are looking for a healthy, natural treatment for everyday cuts, scrapes, burns, etc., you owe it to yourself to try the natural breakthrough product, Oceanzyme.


To Your Easy and Natural Health,
The Team At Natural Wound Care

P.S. Try Oceanzyme On Your Most Stubborn Skin Conditions Completely Risk Free

Our 100% Guarantee means you can purchase your Oceanzyme healing product. Use it as recommended. Enjoy the unique benefits of this all natural, patented product. And then, if it's not everything you hoped for, if you're not absolutely thrilled with the results, return the unused portion within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. It's just that simple.


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